Our new Champions

2000 - was a super year!

The crowning conclusion of an exciting year was the Austrian Bundessieger-Show in Tulln -  "Top Secret vom Österreichring" won the champion class with CACA/Club-CC (judge: Mr. Studenik, CZ), "Jamaica Blue vom Österreichring" (owners: Fam. Rosenthal) won the Junior class, as well as Bundesjugendsieger and Club-CC, at her very first show (judge: Mr. Pichard, CH).

He was the first Austrian bred dog, who came to the British shores under the Pet Travel Scheme (without quarantine), he was the first Cocker Spaniel not bred in UK, to be shown at a British Clubshow: "Top Secret vom Österreichring" won BEST IN SHOW in London-Chorleywood (judge Miss Lloyd-Carey)! Find here the detailed report of our journey to England!

At the event for the Austrian Champion of Champions 1999 (which took place in Tulln, in April 2000) "Top Secret vom Österreichring" won the group 8 under an international team of judges!

At the International Show in Graz (A) "Top Secret vom Österreichring" won the Champion Class, with CACA, Club-CC and CACIB, he was best male, BOB (Best of Breed) and finally was 3rd in group 8. My bitch "Royal Blue vom Österreichring" won RCACA and RCACIB.

The next day, at the Clubshow in Graz, "Top Secret vom Österreichring" again won in Champion Class with CACA and Club-CC, and was best Spaniel bred in this county. "Lucky Lips vom Österreichring" (owner Mrs. Pokorny) was best Veteran, Vet. CC, and beat by this "Hooligan vom Österreichring" (owners Fam. Hafner), who was best male in Veteranclass. "Jack Daniels vom Österreichring" (owner Dr. Kober) was best Cocker in Minor Puppy!

The complete results of the ÖRing-Cockers at this show can be found here: Show-Weekend in Graz

And yet another Clubchampion!
Following in the footsteps of his mother "Estee Lauder vom Oesterreichring" and the Dutch import "Mister Blue van Mondanou" we have got another Austrian Clubchampion in this kennel! I want to congratulate my father to the new title for his famous "Top Secret vom Oesterreichring"!

Our most important wins in 1999:

We did the double!
At the International Show in Leipzig (judge Mr. Eberhardt from Germany) "Top Secret vom Österreichring" won the Champion class, got a VDH-CC, the Club-CC, and the CACIB, was best male and eventually BOB. My bitch "Royal Blue vom Österreichring" won the Open class, got the VDH-CC, the Club-CC and the CACIB, and she was best Cocker bitch! It does not happen very often, that a breeder wins both CACIBs with homebred dogs at one show. I was lucky to do this years ago in Opatija with "Hi! Jack of Hilltop" and his daughter "Pin-up-Girl of Hilltop", both owned by me, but bred by the unforgotten Rosemary Charrington! Who will get me down from cloud seven?

Big success for "James"!!!
He IS the Duke of Luxembourg! "Top Secret vom Österreichring"(called "James") has had another great win: at the International Show in Luxembourg (4th/5th of September 99, judge Mrs. Kuffer, Luxembourg) he won the CAC in the Champion class (this made him a Luxembourg Champion), CACIB and BOB. But this wasn't enough - James went on to win the very strong 8th Group and ended up by winning Res. Best in Show in an entry of about 2.700 dogs!
Many thanks to the judges, who thought so highly of him and to those, who are happy about our success.

After winning the necessary tickets, „Estee Lauder vom Österreichring“, owned by me, has become an Austrian Veteran-Champion. Estee won her Veteran-Tickets at: 1998 - IHA Graz (Ganami, Israel); LGS Hausmannstätten (Thorn, GB); IHA Tulln (Jarmer, A); 1999 - IHA Graz (Reisinger, A).

The biggest success for my kennel: „Top Secret vom Österreichring“, since a short time owned by my father Sepp Doppelreiter, won at the EURO-Dogshow in Tulln: FCI-Europasieger and Best of Breed (CACA, CACIB, Club-CC) in the hot competition of more than 100 Cocker Spaniels. Judge: Mr. Kliebenstein, Germany.

The next day he competed at the Austrian Clubshow and become Klubsieger, also with CACA, Club-CC and BOB! Judge: Mrs. Clerc, Switzerland. For the second consecutive time (after the Jubilee-Clubshow in Fischamend 1997 under M. Armstrong, GB) he was selected as the most beautiful Spaniel bred in Austria. This title has been won in previous years by his mother Estee Lauder vom Österreichring and by his late great-grandfather Hi! Jack of Hilltop.
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