My Niki

Hi! Jack of Hilltop

A good dog never dies, he always stays - he walks besides you on crisp autumn days when frost is on the fields and winter's drawing near, his head is within your hand in his old way.
Mary Carolyn Davies

Good and sad moments are sometimes very near to each other. Only a few days after my biggest success since I have been breeding Cockers - "Top Secret vom Oesterreichring" became European Champion and BOB in very hot international competition - I had to say goodbye to his great-grandfather, "Hi! Jack of Hilltop" (better known to his friends as "Niki"): at the age of 16 years he died patiently in my arms.
Since Niki came to live with me nearly 15 years ago, he has always been at my side. He did everything to please me and was the most faithful and loving companion one could think off. Niki was International, Austrian, German and Yugoslavian Champion, he won 5 CACIBs, was 5 times BOB and BIG. On top of this, he won a Field Trial in Hungary, passed the blood tracking test and (the only Cocker so far in Austria) the special retrieving test. He was also very successful at Companion Tests and -Trials (Austrian Cup-Winner), tracking tests (TD 1 - TD 3) and in Obedience.

Niki was a dog one only has once in a lifetime - I am grateful, that he will live on in his numerous progeny!

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